a tour of rokugan

the topaz championship

session 1

the pcs first forey in rokugan begins with their invitation to the topaz championship, a yearly contest to determine the most up and coming in the emerald empire among those having their gempuku.

the pcs are: shinjo gavin (brian), a half gajin unicorn clan moto vindicator; kuni haruma (rich), a crab clan shugenja, and tugaro (randi), a spider clan monk, the first to go thru gempuku since the end of the destroyer war.

we start on a road into tsuma in the cran lands, where the contest will be held. the pcs encounter a peasent wearing a blue scarf who falls in a pond. tugaro helps him out, and he treats them all to a tea ceremony. this peasent is really megumi, the fortune of heroic guidence in disguise. the pcs earn his blessing, as well as use of his house.

in town they get the lay of the land, then end up in a drinking contest with hida fujizaka. the next morning they attend the arrival of the imperial barge.

the championship is set up as a series of contests over 2 days, culminateing with an iajitsu tournament at the end. to pass, an applicant must earn 5 points to become an adult, with all adults in the tournament.

during the contests, a bayushi sugai sets himself up as a contender/rival to the pcs. and at the end of the first night, a minor clan lord is murdered, with sugai as a clear culprit, but his testimony is taken due to lack of witnesses to contradict him, this ends with a young unicorn samurai-ko named shiko killed in a duel with sugai.

in the end the pcs become adults and enter the iajitsu tournament, with kuni haruma bowing outdue to being a shugenja. and shinjo gavin won by defeating sugai to become the topaz champion.



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