he is a listing with brief description of the great clan schools available. while i dont want to disallow playing a minor clan or brotherhood monk, they are different play experiences due to different social positions and i would like to stay away from them for your first game.

hida bushi – heavy weapons and damage reduction
hida pragmatist(bushi) – unarmed combatant
kaiu engineer(artisan/bushi) – making better arms and armor, siege weapons
kuni shugenja – spells, better vs shadowlands
kuni witch hunters(monk) – detect and fight shadowlands and the taint
hiruma bushi – movemet and avoiding damage
yasuki courtier – uses commerce to gain favors

daidoji iron warriors(bushi) – enduring damage and guarding
daidoji scouts(bushi) – traps and ambushes
asahina shugenja – reduces damage dealt by enemies
doji courtier – giving gifts for favors
doji magastrate(bushi) – upholds the laws, captures enemies
kakita bushi – duelists
kakita artisan – makes/uses art to manipulate others

kitsuki investigator(courtier) – first forensic invertigators
mirumoto bushi – niten style 2 sword master
mirumoto taoist swordsman(bushi) – studies the sword on the path to enlightenment
tamori shugenja – potion maker
togashi tattooed order(monk) – uses mystcal tattoos

akodo busi – very accrate attacks
ikoma bard(courtier) – a loremaster, buffs allies, cites history
ikoma lion’s shadow(bushi) – uses questionable tactics to achieve victory
kitsu shugenja – talks to ancestors to hinder foes
matsu berserker(bushi) – terrorfying full attackers
matsu beastmasters(bushi) – controls warcats to fight.

mantis brawler(bushi) – unconventional fighter from prone and up close.
moshi shugenja – increased potency durning the day and with thunder
tsuruchi archer(bushi) – archers, nuff said
tsuruchi bounty hunters(bush) – tracking down and capturing foes
yoritomo bushi – favors peasent weapons and movement
yoritomo courtier – intimidation and bullying
yoritomo shugenja – controls weather

agasha shugenja – can cast spells using different elements
asako henshin(monk) – can manipulate the elements in all things
asako loremaster(courtier) – uses info to gain advantages
isawa shugenja – can choose his own affinety/deficency
shiba bushi – yojimbo, gains void points, uses polearms
shiba artisan – can achieve glory for self and allies using art

bayushi bushi – speed, feint, inflicts status ailments
bayushi courtier – learns secrets and blackmails
shosuro infiltraitor(ninja) – ambush killing
shosuro actors(ninja) – taking on personas to disguise and kill
soshi shugenja – stealth casting
soshi magistrate(bushi) – upholds law thru intimidation
yogo wardmaster(shugenja) – creates scrolls

daigotsu bushi – uses strenght + taint for bonuses to damage
daigotsu courtier – masks taint, disrupts and deflects blame
chuda shugenja – casts maho spells, hides its use
order of the spider monks(monk) – cripples foes, resists manipulation and magic

horiuchi shugenja – makes amulets to help cast spells later
iuchi shugenja – can grant extra movement
ide emmisaries(courtier) – protects self and diffues conflicts
moto bushi – heavy calvary, full attack for extra damage
moto vindicators(bushi) – keeps going against enemies dispite injuries
shinjo bushi – difensive, uses gaijin techniques and weapons
utaku battle maidens(bushi) – all women calvary, honor bonuses, best while mounted


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