The Begining
at the dawn of time, the darkness was alone! then Amaterasu: lady sun and Onnotengu: lord moon were created. then the world came into being, and as lord moon chased lady sun around it, her tears and his blood fell to earth to create man.

eventually they had 10 children(kami). but lord moon became fearful of his children and procceded to eat them. lady sun switched her last child, hantei, with a rock. when he was strong enough, hantei fought lord moon, and cut open his stomach. all the children fell to earth, except ryoshun who died in lord moons belly. and one, fu leng, fell off course, hit hard, and broke through to jigoku (hell)

the remaining 8 set out to form an empire, but couldn’t decide who would rule. so they held a tournament to decide. of the 8, togashi abstained from fighting, and in the end hantei won, becomeing hantei the first. the other 7 were tasked with gathering followers and forming clans.

hida formed the crab clan
doji formed the crane
togashi formed the dragon
akodo formed the lion
shiba formed the pheonix
bayushi formed the scorpion
and shinjo formed the kirin.

The Day of Thunder
some time later a curious little man came to hantei’s court to talk with him. this man, known as shinsei, was a prophet and wise man. they talk for a whole day, while shiba recorded everything they said. after, the teachings of shinsei were made part of the official religion of rokugan.
then one day all manner of beasts and monsters began to attack the fledgeling empire from the hole left where fu leng landed, dubbed the festering pit. shinsei returned proclaiming that only mortals could fight off this threat, and asked for each kami’s most trusted mortal follower to acompany him, along with 12 black scrolls. all these followers, called thunders, perished in the ensuing fight, save one, the scorpion thunder, shosuro, who brought back the 12 black scrolls that bound fu leng’s power for safe keeping.
the lands around the festering pit became infected from the taint leaking from the pit, these tainted lands became the shadowlands
after this time, the unicorn departed the empire to travel the world in an effort to learn of the dangers out there.they wouldnt return for 800 years.

scorpion clan coup and the second day of thunder
some time in the 11 century, the scorpion clan champion, bayushi shoju, under the effect of the bloodsword ambition, decided to stage a coup in a effort to save the empire from the return of fu leng. he managed to kill hantei the 38, but not the heir, hantei the 39. he was himself killed in the throne room by the lion clan champion, akodo toturi. but hantei the 39, angry that toturi was missing when the coup happened, and thus unable to save his father, ended the akodo family and ronined toturi.
there also arose a great fued between miyamoto hitomi and hida yakamo. hitomi sworn vengence when yakamo killed her brother in a duel by using his tetsubo instead of the tradional katana. throught out this turbulent itme known as the clan war, they fought each other numerous time, each taking the others right hands. hitomis was replaced bt an artifact called the obsidion hand, and yakamo recieved the jade hand.
many other events took place during this time, when the emporor became sick. variou figues in the empire, for various reasons began to open the 12 black scrolls, never knowing that doing so was giving fu leng his power back, who was possessing hantei the 39.
toturi, still see it as his duty to save the empire, began to rally ronin into an army. shinseis decendent, known only as the hooded ronin, began to meet the clan champions to get them to go to the capitol.
it was at the capitol that the final battle would take place, the armies of the clans, toturis alliance, and the army of the shadowlands. here a man named yoritomo, daimyo of the minor clan the mantis, who lead an army of minor clans pledged to help save the empire if the mantis would be elevated to great clans status, toturi agreed.
toturi an the hooded ronin lead a new set of thunders, along with togashi the dragon kami into the throne room to kill fu leng. here it was reveled that togashi was the original founding kami of the dragon clan, and that he had the last black scroll hidden in his heart. they had to kill him and open it so fu leng would be made mortal, and thus could be killed, so miyamoto hitomi killed him and opened the black scroll. with a few casualties, the thunders won, and toturi, true to his word, made the mantis a great clan after being declared emperor toturi the 1st. and yoritomo, upon his death years later ascended to the celestial heavens to join the other founding kami.

war with the shaow and the spirit war
later, after amassing power for centuries, the darkness, aka the lying darkness, or the shadow began an assualt on the empire.
toturi believing he failed, commits seppuku to atone.
at the height of the assualt, durnig 40 days and nights of darkness, when creation begins to unravel, lord moon take physcal form and decends, where he is slewn by miyamoto hitomi. grief stricken lady sun commist seppuku, with hida yakamo as her second, who takes her place.
the forces of the empire gather in the shadowlands, in the lost troll city of volturnum at the spiritual gate known as oblivions gate. during the fighting, the gate is opened, and out come toturi the 1st leading an army of spirits. with the darkness’s power failling, at its weakest, the new lady moon, hitomi, defeats it by naming it akodo, recreating the akodo family and making the darknesses minions human.
later the spirit of hantei the 16, known as the steel crysthanthamum begins a war to restore rule to the hantei line. only ending when toturi the 1st agress to name his newborn third child hantei naseru.

the four winds saga
this era begins when toturi the first is killed by a new type of oni. which starts a race for the throne by his four children, akodo kaneka, the bastard, toturi tsudao, hantei naseru, and toturi sezeru.
it was also during this time that a lost scion of the hantei, daigotsu, rose to power. he was abducted by a bloodspeaker cult as an infant, an was raised among them, and spent many years traveling the planes, especially jigoku. he began a plan to usurp the throne and allow fu leng to assualt the heavens.
in the end the four winds met in the shadowlands at a temple to fu leng in order to fight daigotsu. sezeru,a shugenja was able to cast doubt on fu leng of daigotsu abilites, thus weakening him, but daigotsu escaped, and tsudao perished.
later naseru declared himself toturi the third, with his sister tsudao toturi the second.

race for the throne
unfortunately the toturi line ended with naseru. this began a race for the throne by the clans. it ended when the celestial heavens spawed 2 new dragons, the jade and obsidian dragons, who, in an effort to end mortal influence into the celestial heavens ousted hitomi and yakamo as sun and moon, and took their place as jade sun and obsidian moon.
they then held a tournament to find a new emperor, with miyamoto iweko winnig and becoming iweko the first.

the war with Kali-ma and the destroyers
some time later a new threat emerged from the shadowlands in the forms of four-armed animated suits of armor dubbed the destroyers. it was discovered that the gaijin goddess Kali-ma had launched an invasion from the shadowlands, while the dark oracle of fire also led armies of barbarian tribes from the north. the empire repelled the enemies in the north, but in the south the destroyers over-ran the great carpenter wall, destroying large sections of it.
with the empire’s forces pushed back, Kali-ma unleashed a terrifying monster called the godbeast, a foreign god she tortured and corrupted. the beast was slain just before it reached the capital Toshi Ranbo.
With winter approaching, and time to recover, the empress sent the mantis to the ivory kingdoms to investigate. the found mostly empty jungles and dead cities. but they also found a new fleet, that was commissioned by an ancestor. they then founded a settlement that would become second city.
it was also during the winter that it was discovered that because the celestial heavens chose anew champion, that jigoku did also in Kali-ma.
with the crab lands overrun, it was decided that a stand would be made in scorpion territory. new creatures, like other destroyer types, rakshashas, and elephant men joined the side of Kali-ma.
the empires forces gave ground to lure the destroyers into a pincer. when Kali-ma herself took the field, fu-leng, having regained some power, meet her to fight. while they fought, in a nearby temple, empress iweko meet with daigotsu to form a plan. in exchage for daigotsu sacrificing himself, the empress would make the spider a minor clan. he agrees and kills himself during a ritual. fu-leng, no match for Kali-ma, is slain, opening a new hole to jigoku.
out of this hole flies a large black dragon with a white face mask. immediately recognized as daigotsu,the new god of jigoku, he ends Kali-ma’s life. turning to iweko, he promises to end the threat of the infectious taint if the spider will be made a great clan. iweko agrees. he then kills his wife, shihai, and the imperial adviser susumu, and elevates them to the dark fortunes of blood and deception respectively. later, when the empress addresses those assembled, her voive tells all that the clans will found the colonies in the former ivory kingdoms,and that the spider will be a great clan. then in a shocking turn of events, she personally tells the spider that they will “go forth and conquer in my name”


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