rank 1 spider clan, order of the spider monks.
unspent xp: 12

Earth 2
Water 2
strength 3
perception 2
Air 3
fire 3
Void 2

armor Tn 25 (5 from light armor) reduction 3
honor 2.9
glory 1.5
status 1

Athletics 2
Jiujutsu 7, +1k0 damage with unarmed attacks
Lore: theology 1
Meditation 2
Pole-arms 2
Investigation 1
etiquette 2
Lore: heraldry 1
Artisan: bonsai 1

Dark paragon of strength. adv. you may sacrifice 5 points of honor to re-roll any damage roll and gain a +5 bonus to the re-roll. if you do not have 5 honor points, you may spend a void point instead.
Hands of stone. adv. gain a +0k1 bonus to unarmed damage rolls.
Ally scorpion. adv. 1 influence, 2 devotion
Bad Fortune Evil Eye. dis. you have two different colored eyes, you suffer a +5 TN penalty to social rolls.
Haunted. dis. you are haunted by the spirit of an ancestor, as long as hes angry at you, once per session at dms discretion a roll suffers a -1k1 penalty.
cursed by the realm Tengoku. dis. when in a temple to the heavens, all TNs are increased by +10 for you.

The Dark Path. gain a +1k0 to all attack rolls using unarmed strikes or pole-arms. also add school rank x2 to armor TN vs melee attacks.

Flame Fist: mastery fire 3, atemi attack, target takes penelties to all tn equal to 3X your fire ring



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