Shinjo Gavin

brian's character


rank 1 unicorn moto vindicator.
unspent xp: 12

earth 3
water 2
air 2
reflexes 3
awareness 2
fire 2
agility 3
intelligence 2
void 2

horsemanship 2
hunting 2
investigation 4, notice, can attempt second time without increase to tn
kenjustsu 4, +1k0 to sword damage
lore: shadowlands 2
defense 2
etiquette 2
meditation 1
calligraphy 2
iaijustsu 3

honor 4.7
glory 1.3
status 1

armor tn 25 (10 from armor) reduction 5

Great potential kenjutsu. adv. raises in kenjutsu are limited by skill rank, not void.
Gaijin heritage. dis. with all social skills, must call 1 raise to no effect. except etiquette.
Gaijin name. dis. your social skill roll dice can only explode once.
Driven destroy shadowlands. dis. will to anything to accomplish goal.
Insensitive. dis. you must spend a void point to place yourself at risk for others unless there is a direct benefit to you.

Purity of breath. at the beginning of each round you may choose one of two effects that last for one round. you may: reduce wound rank TN penalties by school rank + willpower; or add school rank + willpower to armor TN. these bonus are doubles vs shadowlands.


Shinjo Gavin

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