Kuni Haruma


rank 1 Crab clan Kuni Shugenja
Unspent xp: 15

Earth 3
Water 2
Air 2
Fire 2
agility 2
intelligence 3
void 2

Calligraphy 3, cipher
Defense 2
Lore: shadowlands 2
Lore: theology 2
Spellcraft 3
Knives 2
Kenjutsu 2, wakizashi
Medicine 2, wound treatment
Etiquette 2
Investigation 2
Horsemanship 1

armor TN 15

honor 2.8
glory 1.3
status 1

Ally: unicorn adv. 2 influence, 1 devotion
Strength of the Earth. adv. wound TN penalties are reduced by 3.
Blood of Qsano-wo. adv. immune to penalties from natural weather conditions. if you suffer damage from spells that employ natural weather, reduce damage by 1k1.
Failure of Bushido compassion. dis. you must spend a void point to act on behalf of someone of lower status or social caste.
wraith of the Kami air. dis. air spells cast against you confer 1 free raise.

Gaze into Shadow. gain a +1k0 bonus to spell casting rolls vs non-humans. gain a +1k1 bonus to damage against target with shadowlands taint. gain 1 free raise with spells with the jade keyword.

sense, commune, summon, jade strike, armor of earth, minor binding, envious flame, fury of osano-wo, path of inner peace.


Kuni Haruma

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