a tour of rokugan


session 3

the pcs begin the adventure accompanying doji haruki the cherry blossom festival at seppun ayumu’s estate.
upon arrival, at early evening, they are escorted thru the grounds to a very lavish cherry blossom garden, where their are privately thanked by seppun ayumu for cleansing the dishonor of haruki’s blade. then they are invited to stay for the festivities.

the next morning, they attend court. they experience all the delegates from the other clans as they talk, connive, and deal for their clans. during this, they all have encounters with courtiers from another clan. haruma is approached by doji tsudin, a tall samurai from the crane, and in talking, tsudin discovers that haruma needs some armor. gaven is provoked by bayushi kohaku into commiting a small faux paux, losing some honor. while tugero goes and talks to mirumoto kito, an ize zumi monk, and only gets more questions.

later, at lunch: gaven loses an iaijitsu match to seppun kazumi; tugero wins a wrestling match against kito, and haruma wins a debate against asako tsubishi about the ramifications of the new pit. they finish off the day with a feast and a fireworks display.

they are awakened in the morning to a scream, where they find out that doji haruki was killed, ripped to pieces, with a blood trail, and 2 drugged guards outside. they follow the tracks to find a zombie, which they easily defeat. arriving back at the estate, they discover that an obsidian bust if hantai 13 is missing. with some kami help, they find tracks to follow. arriving in a clearing just after sundown, they see a foul ritual that animates 3 new zombies. they kill the zombies and the maid/cultist, while finding out the doji haruki’s death was only a distraction.

they arrive backs at the estate to deliver the news, where seppun ayumu commits sepuku, leaving kazumi as the new lord of the estate.



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