a tour of rokugan

legacy of darkness

session 2

session 2 starts with the pcs learning they have 3 months to put their old lives in order before reporting to the offices of the emerald champion to begin their new postings as emerald magistrates. they are also told to celebrate along the way.

As such they receive 2 invitations: one from Seppun Ayumu to attend his cherry-blossom festival and the first day of spring court; and one from Doji Haruki to stay at his estate on the way to Seppun ayumu’s.

they accept both, and at Doji Haruki’s place, after dinner, they hear a loud scream from another room. reponding, they find Haruki weeping and despondent over the apparent theft of his most prized item, the diasho of Seppun daiori, given to him by his good friend Seppun Ayumu. He had planned to bring it with him to show Ayumu how much it meant to him. Not wanting to lose face, he asks the pcs to find it, and they agree.

they start by interviewing Haruki, who presents no meaningful info. Haruma casts commune, learning that all the kami are driven out of the area, as if a cursed item was here. they then examine the scene, and learn that someone skilled and dextrous came in thru a high window, cut themselves on the shutter, left 3 long strands of hair, and left trakes leading outside. Tugero goes outside while Gaven and Haruma try talking to the staff. outside Tugero learns that a guard left his post, and hasn’t been seen since. the others join him, and they pick up a trail leading thru the woods.

the trail leads thru the woods, crossing in to crab territory. they are stopped by crab guards. having forgotten to get traveling papers, the are escorted to the nearest crab village, washmisu, to ask permission from its mayor. Meeting Hida Samano, he gives them permission to continue to look for the thief. exploring the local inn, they learn that a young samurai-ko named Seppun Kazumi rented a room the following night. searching the room, the find a bloody bandage, and muddy footprints leading north, into the mountains.

in the mountains, the pcs are attacked by the fire tiger bandits. in the battle Haruma takes an arrow to the knee, and was knocked down. he kills 2 archers and a swordsman, while gaven and tugero kills 3 swordsman.

continuing on, they track down Seppun Kazumi, just in time to see her brake the diasho with an ono, or large axe. Haruma knows that cursed items cannot be broken that easily. they approach, requesting she hands over the broken diasho, she refuses, saying she must bury the pieces. a fight ensues, wherein she doles out a few glancing blows to tugero with lightning fast sword strikes. tugero hits her once, and haruma knocks her out with a lightning strike spell. they bandage her, and agree to let her go.

returning to washmisu, they have the diasho reforged. this takes a day. after which, it summons out the ghost of seppun Daiori. telling the others they cant damage it, and to guard him, haruma begins to pray to the kami. clearly shaken from the disturbing visage of the gaki (ghost), they agree. they withstand its attacks, while haruma uses jade strike to end it, cleansing the blade of its taint.

they then return the diasho to doji Haruki, with him no the wiser. and the four set out to Kyuden seppun.



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