This is a l5r campaign that is going to be an introduction to the world of l5r and the mechanics of this game. it will start as young samurai who go through their gempuku (adulthood/fealty swearing) ceremony and take the pcs on a tour of rokugans lands and social structures, with an emphasis on living the social/political aspects of samurai life in addition to the combat aspects.

the basic timeline will be current with the card game, just after the destroyer war when the spider are made a great clan.

If you dont know Legend of the five rings rpg is based on the card game of the same name, which is itself based on the cultures and mythologies of many real world asian cultures, with direct influences being seen in individual clans, example, lion – japan, unicorn – mongols, mantis – haiwan, ect. the name itself is based on the most traditional japanese elements of earth, fire, wind, water, and void most famously from miyamoto musashi’s book of the five rings, a definitive book and swordsmanship and samurai life by who is concidered that last samurai.

please note that if you are interested, i own alot of the cards, 12 novels, most of the first edition rpg products,as well as all the lateest(4th ed) products out. so i am more than willing to loan these out to interested parties, especially the original 7 clan books, that delve into the histories and cultures of the first 7 great clans

one of the things i love about this game is that the sory elements are decided by the card game. the first story arc, the clan war, the winner was someone who played a toturis army deck. and now they have alot of different this that are decided by the game, there are name a card wins, decide the new great fued matches, ect. so everything you read in the history section starting with the scorion clan coup was decided by people who play the card game. hell my support of the spider clan helped to make them a great clan at the end of the destroyer war.

a tour of rokugan

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